Monday, June 23, 2014

Jamison Fargo is new CEHS Associate Dean for Research

By JoLynne Lyon

photo of Dr. Fargo
Dr. Jamison Fargo
Dr. Jamison Fargo, an associate professor in the Psychology Department, has been named the new associate dean for research in the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services.

He replaces Dr. James Dorward, who stepped down but will remain in the college as a half-time professor in the School of Teacher Education and Leadership.

Research is important to the college’s educational mission, Fargo said. “It really is one of the stronger aspects of our college, which defines us in the state and nationally,” he said. “Research is really one of the cornerstones of our college and its success.”

It also contributes to the experience of undergraduate and graduate students who are looking to enrich their education. College-wide, graduate students co-authored 68 percent of professional conference presentations and 45 percent of refereed articles.

Undergraduates can find opportunities collaborating with an instructor, Fargo said. Graduate students often find opportunities through their relationship with their faculty advisors.

Faculty can also grow their own programs through their research. Fargo’s own interests have led to the study of homeless veterans, and he has collaborated as a researcher with the National Center of Homelessness among Veterans at the Philadelphia VA Medical Center since it was established in 2009. He has collaborated with other researchersin the Salt Lake VA Medical Center to develop early warning indicators of homelessness among veterans.

Fargo’s own research will continue while he works to support the work of others in the College.

“I really see my role as helping to hold up the ladder for people to grow their programs of research and develop their proposals,” he said. He encourages faculty to treat him as a resource and bounce their ideas off of him.

He also helped establish the college’s Office of Methodological and Data Sciences, which he would like to expand. He would like to offer expanded data management and data analysis support as well.

Fargo’s new position begins July 1.

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