Friday, November 30, 2012

Dr. Karl White at TEDxUSU

In case you missed it, here's Dr. Karl White's presentation, "Establishing a sound foundation for children who are deaf or hard of hearing." It was delivered earlier this month at TEDxUSU.


  1. I am a deaf Child who was raise in a oral environment with a hearing aid. It is interesting how you say that a child will have better education when in a Listening and Spoke Language environment. I disagree with that. When I was at school all my education was focus on speech. I was taken out of my classes to go do speech and I always missed the important academic information that will allow me to succeed in college. Because of this my math, english, and other academic are lower because i was not taught those things in school. I was learning how to talk. Thankfully my parents notice I was not learning in school they brought me home to do home school. I must say if I hadn't been brought home I would have not done very well in college. I now know sign language my parent are learning. I used interpreters in my college level classes. I understand my academics more better because it is a visual language. Instead of me having to rely on spoken language or lip reading. More importantly sign language has helped me more enable to do group assignment where as if I just did spoken language Its too hard cause too many voices I have to watch. I think its is important whether the child has a hearing aid or cochlear implant they learn sign languages as well because a hearing aid or cochlear implant doesn't not make a child fully hearing. We are still deaf when it is taken off or when functioning in a large group it does not help at all.

    1. While this blog does not ordinarily accept anonymous comments, this one was allowed because of its relevance.


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